How to sell via Facebook

How to sell via Facebook

How to sell via Facebook

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How to use the potential of Facebook stores?

Especially for all customers who are looking for new ways to grow their business, this article is created. Here are 12 ways to effectively manage the store on Facebook.

  1. For whom?

  2.  network

    Theoretically, all products presented in the right way for the right people can be sold through a store on Facebook. In practice, however, there are categories of easily and complexly traded goods. British psychologist Paul Marsen, specializing in consumer psychology, lists a group of products that are more likely to succeed.
    Among them:
    • Gadgets,
    • Trendy things,
    • Products of art and new currents,
    • Fashion, music, beauty, sports, multimedia.
    If your product suits one of the above categories, Facebook can be a very interesting platform for you. Also remember that some purchases made on FB are under the influence of spontaneity. The success of sales depends on the attractiveness of posts that encourage customers to buy. Use them!

  3. Special Customers

  4.  supporter
    Remember: a Facebook user, especially a fan of your brand, expects that you will have a different approach to it than to an ordinary consumer. Such clients can be offered either an individual discount or unique offers. For example, a cumulative discount system leads to significant savings and sales growth.
    People like to feel special. One of the reasons consumers buy products on Facebook is the hope that they will be able to receive products at attractive prices that are not available to everyone. Offer discounts and special offers only to fans of your brand, and they will come back for big purchases!

  5. Like “Amen”

  6.  free
    Everyone knows how the words “limited” and “exclusive” work on us and increase our desire to shop. Even more powerful is the phrase “free”. It can even be free shipping. It does not matter. The same effect attracts more fans.

  7. Offer Visualization

  8.  gift
    Good image quality is the basis of sales. Do not forget that Facebook is a rich multimedia ecosystem.
    What particularly attracts customers:
    • Excellent quality, accurate product shots,
    • Fun or educational video about the product.

  9. “Old” tricks are not bad

  10.  like
    The online store FB should use all its social opportunities. Each item should have a button “I like”. You also need to use the Share option. Then you will have a chance that the goods from the store together with the corresponding comment (for example, “I dream about it on my birthday”) will be on the client’s page and in the vision of all his friends.

  11. Use the store on Facebook for PR

  12.  chat
    Use anonymity on Facebook. Remember that comments and recommendations are visible to everyone. Therefore, they can encourage even more potential customers.
    In the settings settings must necessarily include comments that will be displayed under the products. Even if someone does not have an account in FB, you will share his opinion about the product.
    Such a system of recommendations creates customer feedback, creating trust in the brand and a positive image.
    Award people who are actively involved
    Data, especially the name of your customers on Facebook, is known. This allows you to know exactly who is writing positive comments or actively recommends your FB store. In short, at a minimum cost, you can easily reach public opinion leaders.
    How to use them?
    Create a loyalty program in your store settings, mark active users and give them nice little things. You can especially highlight them in the news line by writing a separate post with thanks. The main thing is to make them feel special and necessary.

  13. Promote your store on Facebook in the online store

  14.  discount
    Inform customers about your store on FB. In the mailing list, promise them special offers and interesting discounts. Please note that there will be regular special offers there.

  15. Who asks, does not go astray

  16.  review
    Interaction relations function as a two-way street, and your customers are an excellent source of information. Ask them openly whether they like your offer, placed in the store on FB, whether the whole process is orderly for them and convenient.
    Listen to your customers and ask. By this you will show that you care about mutual dialogue and value their opinion.

  17. Time

  18.  stopwatch
    Most people visit Facebook on ordinary days – around nine in the morning, then around thirteen and sixteen. According to the well-known site, the best day is Wednesday at 15:00.
    The clock in which Facebook is the most active is the office time. At 9 am they begin to work with morning coffee and look through the portal. About noon people think about lunch, they feel relieved, so they are again looking at Facebook. When the end of work approaches, many people relax and end the day on social networks.
    Remember this by adding new suggestions that appear on the client’s wall.

  19. The ideal store on Facebook

  20.  online-shop
    The store offers on Facebook should be different from the online store, but should have all the most important and desired functions.
    Therefore, you must ensure:
    1. The possibility of making purchases in installments
    2. Ability to provide discounts and coupons for fans of the site
    3. Fast buying process (buying in a few quick steps)
    4. Fast and secure way of payment directly from Facebook
    5. Ability to participate in the loyalty program
    6. Free return and warranty for the products offered
    7. Attractive store appearance through appropriate product presentation
    This makes navigation and placing an order as simple as in traditional online stores.

  21. Paid advertising

  22.  megaphone
    If you want to increase the subscription of potential customers, you can use the additional paid features offered by Facebook. One of them is, for example, targeting ads on Facebook, which allows you to deliver the message to a specific target audience.
    Effective targeting will help break through competitors, and expand sales.
    The portal is an excellent database. The creator of Facebook advertising has many opportunities to select certain audiences.
    Among them you will find:
    1. Geographic parameters, such as country, city and even zip code.
    2. Demographic parameters, that is, age, sex, date of birth or status in the relationship.
    3. Interests, including general categories, and the ability to reduce your target audience, narrowing down the category to specific keywords related to your interests. Thus, we can contact people who like specific books, films, music, television shows, hobbies, political views and even religion.
    4. Workplace, education and languages ??spoken by users.
    5. Connections – the announcement can be intended only for fans of a certain site, for all or specific people.
    One of the newest features created by Facebook is Lookalike Audiances. This function works with additional variables, such as percentage or demographic data. This allows you to show your ads to users with profiles similar to your current customers, by matching people with common parameters.

  23. How to use the target audience?

  24.  target
    The new Facebook targeting feature – the target audience (“custom audience”) – allows you to target your current customers! Display ads to buyers who know the store, is characterized by a very high conversion rate and is an effective addition to other activities of loyalty.
    All you need to do is import the email address or phone numbers of people for whom you want to set up an advertising campaign on Facebook. In the client base of MARKETING/Facebook/Export for advertising on Facebook, a tool is provided that allows you to prepare data in a few minutes from the database of customers of your store.
    To create lists with email addresses and phone numbers, first activate the tool that will create the CSV data file, and then update it once a day.
    In the information window of the generated file you will find information on the number of exported data, the date of the file update and the URL that will allow you to upload the data file to your personal computer and import it into Facebook.
    Following these tips, even a simple store can bring tangible profits.

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