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What is online advertising?

Internet advertising – attraction the target audience from online advertising systems to convert them into customers of your site. Due to its flexibility and speed of deployment, you can get the first calls, requests, orders a few minutes after the launch of the advertising campaigns. Internet advertising tools allows you to track and successfully influence such vital metrics as the cost of attracting visitors, the average cost per order / action (CPO/CPA) and even ROI (return on investment) that can not be traced in the classic media advertising campaigns on TV, radio, outdoor advertising etc.

What is our job?

  1. We provide all the preparatory works for the launch of an advertising campaigns, including the installation / configuration of web analytics and run campaigns
  2. We create/actualize semantic keyword core for your target audience
  3. Create marketing messages that have a maximum CTR(click-through-rate)
  4. Manage CPC (costs-per-click) rates in line with your goals
  5. Permanently analyze advertising campaigns and improving it, so that you pay less and get more
  6. Monitor the behavior of the audience (in the systems web-analytics Google Analytics, Kissmetriks, etc.), which we brought to you through online advertising, and adjust the ad campaigns
  7. We analyze your competitors’ websites and offer solutions to improve the conversion of your website

Online advertising with AWWWY DIGITAL?

We are a certified partner of Google, as our team has certified professionals who have been certified since 2008. More than 7 years of experience in all kinds of online advertising allows us to effectively optimize the budget, and to significantly increase the efficiency of your ad campaigns. For us, the most important performance indicators have always been and will be metrics such as the average cost of raising visitor (CPC), buyer (cost per action / order, CPA, CPO) and maximizing your revenue from advertising (ROI).


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