Social Media Advertising

Which social media platform is applicable:

facebook (1) instagram (1) vk linkedin twitter

Facebook Advertising

Instagram Advertising Advertising

Linkedin Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Our social media advertising process:

Social advertising campaign creation

Social media campaign optimisation

1.1. Analyzing competitors. Determine the target audience. smm analytics 2.1. Analyzing the results
1.2. Defining advertising campaign objectives refresh ads 2.2. Updating advertising messages
1.3. Choosing the optimal social network for promotion

Launching advertising

2.3. Manage bids
sm brainstorming 1.4. Advertising strategy creating profit optimisation 2.4. Optimizing campaign to maximize conversions
1.5. Create advertising messages and visual graphics new advertising messages in facebook 2.5. Creating a new campaigns

Prices of a professional advertising campaign in social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc

Advertising in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, SMM Start Tariff SMM Business Tariff
Creating an advertising strategy
Advertising Site on Facebook /Instagram
Ads Pages on Facebook /Instagram
Ads Publications on Facebook /Instagram to 5 from 5
Splitting the target audience up to 10 groups from 10 groups
Number of ads up to 10 of 10
A /B-testing of ads
Running and Maintaining Retargeting
Set Pixel Facebook analytics code,
Set up conversions in Pixel Facebook 30 € 30 €
Ad budget (uah /month) up to 500 € from 500 €
Create social ads/campaign 40 € per social network 55 € per social network
Advertisement management in 1 social network – VK, FB, INSTA, TWITTER or LINKEDIN 95 € 20% of the budget (but not less than 95 €)
Advertisement Management in 2 Social Networks – VK /FB /INSTA /TWITTER /LINKEDIN 145 € 20% of the budget (but not less than 145 €)
Advertisement Management in 3 Social Networks – VK /FB /INSTA /TWITTER /LINKEDIN 195 € 20% of the budget (but not less than 195 €)
Advertising management in 4 social networks – VK /FB /INSTA /TWITTER /LINKEDIN 245 € 20% of the budget (but not less than 245 €)
Advertising management in 5 social networks – VK /FB /INSTA /TWITTER /LINKEDIN 295 € 20% of the budget (but not less than 295 €)

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